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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 13, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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-- race. it is a 60 mile walk to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. she is taking part in her ninth walk and she knows how grueling it can be. >> we're going to be walking 22.5 miles today. >> she is a breast cancer who was diagnosed four years ago and is now cancer- free. e says she is grateful to the women who walked before her and brought attention to causes and is doing her part. >> a good0l thing they got the0 wass and while the sun still out. good news, a warm-up is around the corner. >> let's check in with steve rudin. >> a beautiful day tomorrow. our temperatures have started to fall this evening. not as much as last night.
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this morning we woke up to a freeze warning. like that to worry about tonight. clouds are begynning to increase a little bit. keep -- earlyto tomorrow morning, no problems at all. temperatures in the upper-40's. the suburbs will see the middle- 50's. coming up in a few minutes, talking them at a warm-up. temperatures in the 70's. the chance for some thunderstorms. have the details in a few minutes. >> we have to talk about it. national fans of it -- are still hurting tonight. many say it will take a long get over the heartbreaking loss. they were one strike away from advancing to the championship series but they did not fold and came back to win in dramatic fashion.
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>> everybody was wearing their washington nationals hats and the jury sees and now it is a ghost town. nobody is here -- and jersys and now it is a ghost town. nobody is here. >> spring training is about four months away. it was a good season. >> it was. >> a soldier was laid to rest war service to go peacefully. >> kerry collins has passed away. the one thing you may not have known about his career. >> when space shuttle endeavour is expected to complete its final mission.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news >> a soldier was remembered at a
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today in north carolina. he was one of three people in a suicide bombing month. this friends and family came to pay but there were volunteers that came to chain around the ceremony to keep mourners from seeing protesters from the baptist church. >> the hollywood community is also morning a loss tonight. actor and television host gary collins passed causes according to the corner. he had his own talk show but also starred in television series. he separated from his wife last year. shuttle endeavour should complete its final mission tonight. being moved from the airport to a museum 12 miles away. it is taking long because it is trailer at 2 miles an hour.
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in l.a., they would say, it is normal. there were signs support taken to make the move possible. that is a good day. tomorrow is going to warm up the bed. a look at your sunday.
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>> steve reed -- steve rudin with a look at our forecast. >> tomorrow morning, you'll notice a difference. winds will help norm -- warmus of tomorrow. -- warm us up tomorrow. these guys are going to fill up with a few more clouds as you wake up tomorrow morning. not a lot. of sunshine. more clouds later in the afternoon. the temperature, 52 at the airport. 60 degrees, that is it for the high. we should normally
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be. the record, 89 degrees set back in 1954. temperatures outside, a lot cooler in leesburg. bo looking at 43 degrees. 49 in upper northwest d.c. with winds at 3 miles an hour. temperatures will be cooler to the west of us. closer toward the bay, annapolis at 56. southern maryland, 52. look atñi the warmth developing. 9 68 in annapolis. an indication of what is on the for the day tomorrow. look at the 24-hour temperature change compared to this time yesterday. 18-20 degrees warmer. we will be looking at some of
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the warmer air tomorrow. that is going to warm the temperatures. they will stick around on monday. the doppler radar is quiet and dry. monday afternoon, a better chance for showers across the mid-a plan to attend a few rumbles of thunder. we are not expecting anything to become severe. it is all part of a cold front tuesday and wednesday. taking a look at the forecast, overnightith the hours, a clear skies. mid-40's. 50's when the district. tomorrow looks great. plenty of sunshine. ph7pupper-60's in the mountains. 70's when the district. i temperatures cooling behind the cold front tuesday and wednesday. by thursday, lower-70's. the wettest day will be monday.
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that is the day you will want to grab your umbrella. tomorrow, tomorrow. need our sweaters or jackets? >> no. somethingú like i shirt underneath. -- a shirt underneath. >> they're hoping to break a makes -- atthat fedex.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> improvement is better than no improvement. the terrapins have already
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the number of winds from last season. today they -- you are proud to say he is on the team. he goes although way in for a touchdown. making it 7-0. h4+ @2 says i'm going to domichael something about that. just over a minute to go. their last chance. he cannot find anyone. it is incomplete. maryland wins 27-20. virginia tech hosting at duke. he throws it deep into markets davis. that makes the highlight reel
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for sure. he gets the kerry and he is gone. 24-20. no looking back. in the fourth, he is unbelievable. 86 yards for the touchdown. 41 unanswered points. 41-20. by now the dust has settled to another spring. many fans and analysts are still scratching their heads. =:piñthe nets squandered a 6 ard lead. we have to bring it up. it all came down to pitching. they walked eight batters in the night. that ensured the cardinal win. johnson offered his condolences to the fans. >> i am sorry. we willñi make it up to them net
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year. it was a fun ride. >> i am sorry we lost. that is not how i wanted my year to end, definitely. i'm not ready to go home. >> it is the best job when you are good at it and the worst job when you fail. &ñyou have to learn from it. >> the yankees hosting the of thein the bottom ninth. that is playoff baseball, ladies and gentlemen. it is gone. he ties the game at four and it now tied at the top of the tent. only the yankees. he passed all of his tests this week. against the vikings. it is not the concussion, now it actually reporters.
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>> they are taking the proper precautions to make sure i am go.y to that i do not have the sentence. the only centum i have is irritability because they keep me the same questions. [laughter] but they are doing their job. i respect them for it. >> they beat the cavaliers in pre-season action, 99-95. >> we are hoping tomorrow the g us some goodbrin news. so, she may be in her 90's but a
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>> a california woman still has degree. >> you educate a man, and to
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educate him. you educate a woman, and you educate a family. >> you would have graduated in 1959 but she started a family instead. she took classes but could never earn enough credits so she wrote school asking for some recognition and that more than e expected. there it is. an actual degree. good for her. never too old to graduate. >> the 80-year plan. when we switched to fios, we got better tv,
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>> this is abc 7 news, saturday news extra. >> it is almost time for round 2 obama and mitt romney as they go head-to-head. >> they are honing in on key issues. we have a pre beyond what is to come. -- preview of what is to come. >> mitt romney spend time saturday at a hotel preparing before holding a campaign event. >> his plan is different. there is no question that you see higher taxes. the vice president said taxes up by a $1 -- $1
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trillion dollars. will not raise taxes on the class or on small business. obama went to virginia for debate preparation. he focused on the auto industry. >> auto sales are the highest been in four years. she and is back. ford and chrysler are growing again -- gm is back. ford and chrysler are growing again. >> they meet again on tuesday night in new york for the town hall-style debate. >> a former campaign aide to vincent gray was sentenced this week. l serve 24 months of probation and perform 200 hours of community service. he pled guilty to paying another candidate and making false statements. probation was recommended since he has cooperated with the
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ongoing investigation. two others have also pled guilty. >> the suspects and charged with man in august a g investigated for other crimes according to a report. on friday, the suspects had a preliminary hearing. they are accused in the beating. they made off with the cell phone and credit card. the victim's wife was also in court telling us why she needed come face to face with the attackers. >> i want them to know who i am and see the effects of what they have done. i am realistic about the limitation of the court system and what the outcome could be think it is importantpgcor i represented jack. the two year-old son. he is still in the hospital and facing anr


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